Adam Rivers

Man steals girl's car to go on a date.. with another woman
WATCH: Bebe Rexha drops "I'm A Mess" video
VIDEO: Waitress takes down customer that groped her
WOW: What does a CT Scan look like.. with no protective covers...
Charlie Puth sings the Spice Girls and Blink 182 on Fallon
Liam Hemsworth is claiming that him and Miley Cyrus are NOT DONE
Cardi B motherhood update: "It's taking a toll on my appearance"
LISTEN: Zedd drops a new song... is it as good as "The Middle"?
WATCH: Trailer drops for the Ed Sheeran movie "Songwriter"
VIDEO: What would it be like.. to get hit with a LAVA BOMB?
Male dance group does backflips in 6 inch stillettos
WATCH: Burglary suspect cries after realizing the judge was...


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