This giant strawberry is the new sought-after fruit

From widely-available plouts - a hybrid mixture of plums and apricots - to the rarer Blue Java Banana - which is a blue banana that tastes like vanilla ice cream - and popular cotton candy grapes, another fruit has joined the list of trendy produce: giant strawberries.

Omakase Berries are a Japanese variety of strawberry that are being grown and distributed in the United States by a company called Oishii from New Jersey. What makes these berries unique is that they are much larger than any other kind of strawberry that is naturally found in the United States and they're much sweeter in flavor. Typically, this rare type of fruit can only be harvested in the winter in a very small location in Japan but after the company perfected their unique vertical-farming method, this fruit is now grown in New Jersey.

Want to get your hand on some? They retail for about $5.00 each, or a carton of 8 Omakase Berries for $50.00. Right now, this designer delicacy is only available for pick-up at some select New York City restaurants and have to be reserved well-ahead of time.