Connecticut Police Department receives grant for a tiger named "Saber"

First, the police department used canine officers, now one town in Connecticut is upgrading to tigers.

A press release has been issued for a new crime-fighting partner; a "Bengal-like" tiger named Saber has joined the Manchester, Connecticut Police Department.

The statement mentioned that the Police Department received a grant in 2019 from the Department of Justice, "which covered the $3,000.00 cost of acquiring the animal along with an additional $47,000.00 to train and house the animal."

Officer Johnson - a.k.a. Officer 'Rojo Exotic' Johnson - who is the tiger's handler, added:

"People just started taking interest in tigers because of some new show on Netflix, I guess. I'm more of a Hulu guy myself, so I don't know much about that. All I know is that we've been training my new partner for almost a year and she's nearly ready to go on the road."

We're thrilled to hear that the tiger will be used effectively for crime-fighting:

“She’s going to make a welcome addition to the family at the Manchester Police Department, where we have a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and criminals in our area.”

Manchester Police Department mentions that interviews must be done "six feet away from officers and 100 feet away from Saber" during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

(Photo: Manchester Police Department)

For more details:

From the Manchester Police Department and us, Happy April Fool's Day!! :)

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