Doritos Is Developing 'Lady Friendly' Chips

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Doritos is looking to change things up this year! To cater to female consumers, they are thinking of making more "lady friendly" products that involve less crunch and mess. Honestly, I feel like that is actually a part of the experience of eating Doritos! Why would you change that?! Read more here and see some of the BEST Twitter responses below...

These chips are the bomb! I tend to be a savory, salty and crunchy snacker, so #Doritos are one of my favorite snacks! I just can’t resist the delicious nacho cheese flavor! 😋 . I typically buy the portioned 1oz snack bags of chips for 4 SmartPoints. I love that I can treat myself to my favorite snack foods on #WWFreestyle. . Some of my other go-to snacks include: chickpeas with 1 tbs of Italian dressing, watermelon, popcorn, apples with cinnamon or a scoop of protein ice cream. What are some of your favorite snacks? -Heidi (@Heavens_13 )#weightwatchers #wwtakeover #wwfreestyle #wwambassador

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