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Ever wonder if you’re having enough sex in your relationship? Lots of people are curious whether they’re doing it as much as other people and new research is setting the record straight. Researchers from the U.K. asked 2-thousand couples in happy, long-term relationships about their bedroom habits as part of a study on what contributes to a lasting romance.

According to the study, seven is the magic number. That’s the number of times these couples, who’ve been together for at least 10 years, have sex every month, on average. While that’s one important part of their relationship, sex isn’t the most defining part. Participants say these are the secrets to a long, happy relationship:

  • Having fun together 64%
  • Admitting when you’re wrong 51%
  • Always having each other’s backs 50%
  • Compromise 50%
  • Not having secrets 43%
  • Being able to laugh at each other 42%
  • Never stopping saying “I love you” 42%
  • Having the same sense of humor 41%
  • Not trying to change each other 36%
  • Regular sex 32%

The study also finds:

  • The average time to move in together for a successful long-term relationship is one year and five months.
  • The honeymoon period tends to end after being together for about nine months.
  • About half (48%) believe they’ve found their soulmate, even though 20% admit to cheating on their partner.

Source: Daily Mail


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