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There are some foods that pretty much everyone seems to enjoy, like ice cream and pizza, while others cause a debate anytime they’re mentioned. Those are the stars of new research from Instacart that reveals the most controversial foods in America. And they’re really not that surprising.

  • According to the grocery delivery service’s poll of just over 2-thousand U.S. adults, the most polarizing food to Americans is … anchovies, as half of respondents hate the small, oily fish.
  • Number two on the list is black licorice, hated by 45% of those polled, and oysters are third, and hated by 41% of survey respondents.
  • The top reasons Americans have for considering a food controversial include the smell (66%), a strong flavor (57%), texture (57%), visual appearance (47%), and how it makes you feel after eating it (32%).
  • Just over a third (37%) have food preferences they consider to be polarizing or controversial.
  • And 69% admit they tried a food and disliked it at first, but eventually they came to enjoy it.

The other most-hated foods in America

  • Beets (hated by 33%)
  • Blue cheese (hated by 33%)
  • Okra (hated by 33%)
  • Capers (hated by 31%)
  • Brussels sprouts (hated by 28%)
  • Fennel (hated by 26%)
  • Olives (hated by 23%)
  • Mushrooms (hated by 19%)
  • Cilantro (hated by 17%)
  • Coconut (hated by 16%)
  • Pickles (hated by 13%)
  • Mayonnaise (hated by 12%)

Source: The Takeout

photo: GETTY

Handful of brussell sprouts

Photo: solidcolours / iStock / Getty Images

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