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Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT are helping people save time and effort in different parts of their daily lives and work, but new research shows a lot of students also plan to use the technology at school. A Junior Achievement survey of teens finds that 44% are “likely” to use AI to do their school work instead of doing it themselves in the upcoming school year.

But is that cheating? The poll of a thousand 13- to 17-year-olds finds that 60% of them consider using AI in this way cheating, but that doesn’t mean they won’t do it.

  • 48% of teens say they have friends or classmates who’ve used AI to do their school work instead of doing it themselves.
  • As for why they use AI to do their school assignments:
    • 62% say AI is just another tool for school work.
    • 24% admit they don’t like school or school assignments.
    • 22% believe they won’t need to know the information because of AI.
    • 22% will do it because everyone else is doing it.
    • 17% say they wouldn’t do as well on the assignments without AI.
    • 8% say it’s just not important that they know the subjects they use AI for.

"Generative AI can be a great tool to boost productivity, but unfortunately many people, especially teens, are seeing it as a shortcut," explains Jack E. Kosakowski, President & CEO of Junior Achievement USA. "The misuse of AI to do all schoolwork not only raises ethical concerns, but this behavior could also short-change many students' educations since they may not be learning the subjects they are using AI for. Given the growing demand for marketable skills, this could become very problematic."

Source: Bezinga

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