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Not a morning person, huh? We hear you. However, with so many benefits to getting up with (or not long after) the sunrise, it’s worth considering setting that alarm a little earlier. And it’s not just about the fact that you’re burning less daylight. It turns out that early birds may benefit physically and emotionally.

Here are the top six reasons to get up with the sun every morning:

Improve your brain function: It’s possible that waking up earlier allows you to make better decisions and have improved critical thinking skills throughout the day. And if that’s not enough of an incentive, a study published in 2010 on Harvard Business Review found that morning people were more goal-focused, setting them up for even more success than their night owl counterparts.

Regulate your circadian rhythm: When you wake up with the sun, your sync up with your body's natural clock, which has been found to affect how your hormones function, as well as how you digest food. The National Institute of General Medical Sciences explains that circadian rhythms can affect everything from hormone release to digestion. 

Boost your productivity at work: By skipping the snooze button, you’ll feel less rushed in the morning and even better, have more time to yourself before the company clock starts ticking. And if you’re so inclined, you can even get some work stuff off your plate like emails or paperwork so you can hit the ground running at the office. 

Get your workout in: As hard as it may be to wrap your head around an early workout when you’re not usually out of bed yet, a sweaty morning regimen can do wonders for your mood by boosting endorphins throughout the day. Meanwhile, doing your cardio or weights in the morning can often make for great sleep when it’s time for bed. (Many people find that working out in the evenings leaves them feeling too “buzzy” to sleep.)

Boost your mental health: Studies have shown that waking up early often equates with things like optimism and overall life satisfaction.

Have more free time: When you wake up a few hours earlier than you’re used to, you’re giving yourself the gift of extra time. Whether it’s to be productive or just take some much-needed time for yourself, the fact that you’re not rushing means that you can prioritize whatever is most important to you without feeling like you’re up against the clock.

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