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There’s nothing quite like seeing your favorite band live and new research reveals how far people will go and how much they’ll spend to do just that. A new survey of 3-thousand Americans finds the average person is willing to travel more than 600 miles to see their favorite musical artists live. And Gen Z fans will travel even further - over 800 miles.

As for how much they’re willing to spend:

  • One in 10 fans would go into debt if that was the only way to see their favorite band or artist.
  • People would spend an average of 12.9% of their savings to see their favorite music live.
  • Nearly half (43.5%) of fans say a buy now, pay later option would encourage them to see more live music.
  • Fans would be willing to pay more than $500 to see BTS, $405 to see Lady Gaga, $356 for Harry Styles and $354 for Taylor Swift tickets.

The most loyal fanbases:

  • When it comes to devotion, BTS fans top the list, with a fanbase score of 88.4. Members of the ARMY are also willing to travel an average of 2,040-miles to see the band in concert, the farthest of any fanbase.
  • Michael Jackson fans would be willing to spend an average of $660 if they could see The King of Pop perform again.
  • Swifties are also among the most loyal, as some are even willing to wear adult diapers to Taylor’s concerts so they don’t miss a single moment.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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