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Industries With The Happiest Employees

Some people love their careers so much, they’re the living example of that saying that if you love your job, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Since most of us will spend a huge chunk of our lives working, it’s got to be better to be logging all those hours at a job you enjoy. And new research reveals which fields have the happiest and most unhappy workers.

  • To find out, Reboot Online surveyed over 25-hundred professionals from 29 different industries, asking them about seven factors of their work: positive impact on others, career prospects, employee empowerment, work relationships, positive impact on mental health, salary and work culture.
  • Their responses were used to come up with an overall happiness score for each field.
  • And based on all that, the industry with the happiest workers is science and pharmaceuticals, which gets a 91.93 overall happiness score.
  • On the flip side, the industry with the most unhappy workers is energy and utilities, with less than 10% of them being happy with their career.

The Top 10 Industries With the Happiest Workers

  1. Science and pharmaceuticals 91.93%
  2. Creative arts and design 83.81%
  3. Environment and agriculture 80.96%
  4. Charity and volunteer work 76.66%
  5. Advertising and PR 73.81%
  6. Accounting 73.34%
  7. Legal 69.51%
  8. Leisure 68.57%
  9. Engineering and manufacturing 67.61%
  10. Marketing 67.60%

The Top 10 Industries With the Most Unhappy Workers

  1. Energy and utilities 9.5%
  2. Sales 10.49%
  3. Call center and customer service 11.91%
  4. Retail 23.31%
  5. Social work 29.53%
  6. Hospitality and events management 30.94%
  7. Transportation and logistics 30.96%
  8. Consulting and management 31.43%
  9. Healthcare 31.91%
  10. Recruitment and HR 37.14%

Source: Metro

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