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Uber Driving No-No's

How’s your Uber behavior? If you’re always late or anything less than polite to your driver, you may be on their naughty list.

Uber’s quarterly results from last month show that an average of 23-million daily rides were taken around the world in the last three months of 2022. That’s nearly a fifth more than the 19 million daily trips taken the same quarter of 2021. So these drivers are picking up a lot of passengers and while they include all sorts of people, there are some common complaints about the way passengers act.

Five Uber drivers talked to Insider about the job and three of them say they get one bad passenger every week. These are the worst things they say passengers can do during a trip.

  • Be rude - Passengers who are rude and get angry while talking to him are the worst to Trevor Martin, who’s been an Uber driver in Orange County, California, for more than a year. Slamming car doors, being dirty in the car and being loud are other rude behaviors drivers can’t stand.
  • Asking for extra stops at drive-thrus or convenience stores - Riders can add up to two extra stops before and during their trip using the Uber app, but if they last longer than three minutes, they get charged more. “It’s such a hit on my pay if someone wants to take 10 minutes at the gas station before I drop them off,” says California Uber driver Michael Eide. “Then It’s awkward when I say no.”
  • Not tipping - Passengers can tip their drivers and that money goes directly to them, but one study finds that in 40-million trips, Uber customers only tipped on 16% of them. John Lacy, a Florida Uber driver with a 4.91-star rating confirms that hardly anyone tips and says even a few bucks would be nice.
  • Arriving late - You get two minutes to get into the Uber before being charged or having the trip canceled. Unlike taxis, Uber drivers have to wait two minutes until they can start getting paid for a trip. Don’t waste your driver’s time, they really hate that.
  • No-go zones - Eide also calls out riders who want to be picked up in areas where drivers aren’t allowed to enter or stop.

Source: Business Insider

photo: Getty

Frustrated Driver with Mobile Phone and Angry Passenger Miami Florida

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