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The Most Common Things Couples Fight Over

We all know a couple who seems like they have a perfect relationship and never fight, but we don’t know what happens behind closed doors. The thing is, all couples have disagreements, no matter how happy they are. Most couples average about five arguments a week, according to new research, which also reveals the source of many of those spats.

A survey of 2-thousand adults finds that couples tend to bicker about things around the house. And the biggest thing that sparks an argument? Forgetting to turn off the lights after leaving the room.

The top 10 most common things couples bicker about:

  1. Not turning lights off after leaving the room 19%
  2. Not wiping down kitchen counters and surfaces 19%
  3. Leaving wet towels lying around 17%
  4. What to watch on TV 16%
  5. Who pays the bills 12%
  6. What the thermostat should be set to 12%
  7. Not loading the dishwasher correctly 11%
  8. Wearing shoes inside the house 11%
  9. Not double locking the doors at night 7%
  10. Leaving windows open when one goes out 5%

Source: Metro

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Couple arguing

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