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The HOT NEW Valentine's Day Gift for 2023

It seems people’s attitudes toward weed really are changing and new research reveals just how much. Forget the roses, a different kind of “flower” is becoming more popular for Valentine’s Day this year, as 61% of American adults plan to incorporate cannabis into their holiday plans.

According to a new study of 963 U.S. adults over 21:

  • 37% say they’d be happy to get cannabis as a gift for Valentine’s Day.
  • Many folks will be giving or using pot with their partner for Valentine’s Day and 19-million adults will be skipping the alcohol and using cannabis instead.
  • Nearly one in four adults believe cannabis improves their sexual performance.
  • Men are more likely than women to bring marijuana into their Valentine’s Day plans, 66% of men versus 57% of women.
  • Gen Z and millennials are more likely than Gen X and baby boomers to include cannabis in their holiday, 70% compared to 57%.
  • Surprisingly, parents are more likely to use or give pot than their child-free peers.

Sex therapist Ashley Manta has an idea why moms and dads are more into giving or using cannabis for Valentine’s Day than those who don’t have kids. “When I work with parents in my coaching practice, one of their most common areas of concern is struggling to shift out of parent-brain and into partner-brain,” she explains. “Parents are still people in a relationship, and the relationship has connection needs that benefit from intentional effort and prioritization.”

Source: Forbes

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