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The Best & Worst Places For Valentine’s Day

Still trying to decide where to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your boo? It’s less than a week away, so it’s time to nail down those plans and a new report tells us the best places to celebrate. WalletHub looked at 100 of the biggest cities in the country, comparing them across 26 valentine’s Day-related metrics.

  • They looked at factors including the number of florists and the cost of a three-course meal for two, splitting the 26 metrics into four categories: Budget, Activities, Gift Accessibility and Weather.
  • Based on their research, San Francisco earns the top spot overall, scoring an 83.35 out of 100.
  • The California city ranks second for activities, third for budget, seventh for gift accessibility and 23rd for weather forecast.
  • Gilbert, Arizona, comes in first for budget and weather, Miami is number one for activities, and Las Vegas is first for gift accessibility.
  • Coming in dead last at number 100 is Detroit, making it the worst place for Valentine’s Day. It ranks 98th for budget, 87th for weather, 74th for activities and 76th for gift accessibility.

The Top 10 Best Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2023

(Click here to see the full list of 100)

  1. San Francisco, California
  2. Seattle, Washington
  3. San Diego, California
  4. Las Vegas, Nevada
  5. Portland, Oregon
  6. Scottsdale, Arizona
  7. Honolulu, Hawaii
  8. Orlando, Florida
  9. Denver, Colorado
  10. Washington, D.C.

The 10 Worst Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2023

  1. Detroit, Michigan
  2. Newark, New Jersey
  3. Cleveland, Ohio
  4. Toledo, Ohio
  5. Birmingham, Alabama
  6. Hialeah, Florida
  7. Memphis, Tennessee
  8. San Bernardino, California
  9. Buffalo, New York
  10. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Source: WalletHub

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Valentine's Day Box of Chocolates and Red Roses

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