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How Many People "Bake Cupcakes" on the First Date?

Do you stick to a “third date rule” before you hop into bed with someone? Or are you open to ripping their clothes off on the first date? Sex on the first date is still a hotly debated topic, but new research reveals how men and women really feel about it and how likely they are to do it.

Lovehoney asked more than 2-thousand adults where they stand on the subject and found that it’s pretty much split down the middle between those who have had sex on the first date (49%) and those who wait. There is a gender divide, with 59% of men saying they’ve done it compared to 43% of women.

The survey results also show:

  • The most popular reasons people give for having sex on the first date include enjoying it (53%), to see if they’re sexually compatible right away (46%) and because it makes you connect faster (26%).
  • One in five say they have sex on date one to see if the other person accepts their kinks before getting emotionally involved and 16% say they do it to calm their nerves.
  • For those who claim they’ve never had sex on a first date, the top reason is that they don’t feel comfortable doing it with someone they don’t know that well (47%), followed by not “believing” in having sex on the first date (38%), only enjoying sex with people they feel an emotional connection with (32%) and having a “rule” about not sleeping with someone on the first date (25%).
  • The star signs most likely to do it on the first date are Capricorns (55%), followed by Libras (54%).

Lovehoney teamed up with relationship, sex and mental health therapist Rachel Wright for the study and she assures us, “There is no ‘right time’ to have sex.” She points out that no matter when you decide to have sex, it’s perfectly fine and she encourages everyone to be honest with themselves and the people they go out with about their expectations.

Source: Metro

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