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More Weird Baby Names

While baby names like Olivia, Noah, and Emma will rarely go out of style, every year there are parents who try to give their kids unique names, with some moms and dads trying their hardest to make sure their kids stand out. Well, it sure looks like some went a little crazy last year, leaving some to wonder what they were thinking. 

  • The Social Security Administration data tracks all the baby names given to children each year.
  • The Huffington Post has now scoured that data to uncover the most unusual names given to children last year.
  • Unique names run the gamut from travel destinations, to words in the English language and more.
  • Those making the list are names given to fewer than seven babies last year. 

Unusual Names For Girls

  • Infant
  • Alchemy
  • Coast
  • Pearly
  • Brilliance
  • Epic
  • Hyatt
  • Nation
  • Ibiza
  • Anime
  • Comfort 

Unusual Names For Boys

  • Woodland
  • Fenway
  • Time
  • Thanos
  • Colorado
  • Zero
  • Wealth
  • Science
  • Rambo
  • Clever
  • Early
  • Keeper

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Source: Huffington Post

Photo: Getty

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