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Would You Toke with Grandma?

Would you hit the bong or the bowl with grandma?

Most people say YES! According to AZUCA...they're a company that does gummies, 60% of people would happily hit the sticky icky with either their grandma or grandpa!

The survey also finds:

  • 58% of American see cannabis as the future of pain management.
  • 64% of cannabis users say they use it for relaxation.
  • 43% use it as a sleep aid.
  • 40% use it for pain management.
  • 39% use it for recreation.
  • 37% say it’s a go-to for health and wellness.

Overall, half of Americans say they’ve never consumed cannabis.

  • Of those who do:
    • 39% do it a few times a year.
    • 28% do it daily.
    • 18% use it weekly.
    • 15% use it monthly.

As for how they enjoy their cannabis

  • 52% prefer it in gummy form.
  • 39% prefer to smoke it.
  • 30% enjoy it as chocolate or other types of food.
  • 22% like to vape it.
  • 17% enjoy it in beverage form.
  • 13% like to use a topical form. & DR DAVE

Photo: GettY

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