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Best & Worst Travel Times for Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is upon us and there will be plenty of people hitting the roads for a little getaway which means there’s bound to be lots of traffic. Of course, when you leave will play a role in how bad the traffic will be and now transportation analytics company INRIX has revealed which are the worst and best times to hit the road.

Some people likely left yesterday, and if they traveled between 1pm and 9pm they likely had it the worst. And those leaving today are also probably bound to hit packed roads, with the worst times for travel being between noon and 8:30 pm, with things lightening up after 8:30.

"Thursday and Friday are the toughest days, for sure, as you're heading out of town," INRIX analyst Bob Pishuetells "USA Today." "It's that kind of early afternoon period all the way into the early evening," especially since those are also times people are out running errands.

Other best/worst Labor Day travel times include:

  • Saturday: worst time is between noon and 5 pm, best time is before 11 am.
  • Sunday: worst time is between noon and 4 pm, best time is before 10 am.
  • Monday: worst time is between 1 pm and 5 pm, best time is before 11 am.
  • Tuesday: worst time is between 2 and 9 pm, best time is after 9 pm. 

Luckily for some, the traffic likely won’t be as bad as in year’s past because not as many people will be traveling due to COVID. "Normally, (Labor Day) is a big travel holiday but we think that … there's going to be less emphasis on it this year than in some of these other holidays," Pishue says. "We definitely expect a pretty … minor traffic impact due this labor day, except on some key corridors." To find out about those key corridors, click here.

Source:USA Today & DR DAVE

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