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Ready to Go Back to Work FULL TIME?

After over a year of working from home, many people are dreading the idea of going back to the office full time, and are hoping to work out some sort of hybrid home-office arrangement. But many of those people may be really disappointed because a new survey suggests most companies are not going to be down with that idea.

A new Robert Half survey finds:

  • Most major companies expect a full return to the office once the pandemic ends.
  • In fact, 71% of companies surveyed said once all COVID restrictions are lifted they will require employees to be on site full-time.
  • Only 16% plan to let employees divide time between the office and another location
  • And 12% plan to give staff freedom to choose where they want to work.
  • Boston is the city most likely open to hybrid work setups (45%), followed by San Francisco (38%) and Philadelphia (37%).
  • Marketing companies are also more likely to be open to hybrid work situations (30%), followed by finance (28%). 

As for why some companies are against hybrid work setups, they site challenges like:

  • Communicating effectively with team members (22%)
  • Trusting employees to get work done (20%)
  • Gauging workloads and helping staff avoid burnout (20%)
  • Effectively recognizing and rewarding employee accomplishments (20%)
  • Finding time for team development (19%) 

Source:Robert Half & Dr. Dave

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