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Unvaccinated? It Could be a Dating Dealbreaker

From Dr. Dave:

For a lot of singles, there are some instant signs that a person isn’t right for you, and such dealbreakers are different for everyone. But according to a new survey, there’s a new dealbreaker emerging this year, and a lot of people can agree on it. 

According to a new survey:

  • The COVID pandemic has spawned a major new dating dealbreaker, with majority of singles putting their health before their lovelife.
  • In fact, 86% of singles say being unvaccinated is a total dating dealbreaker.
  • And while this product of the pandemic is now a huge dealbreaker, it is far from the only one.
  • Over 55% of people say tardiness is a no-no, with being late to a planned date a dealbreaker.
  • Folks will give potential mates a little grace period though.
    • 10% would wait only 5 minutes before leaving.
    • 25% would leave after waiting 15 minutes.
    • 75% would leave after waiting 30 minutes.
  • And when it comes to love, folks want their potential mates close, with 35% of singles saying a long-distance relationship is a dealbreaker.
  • Plenty of singles also look to the stars, with 45% saying they couldn’t date someone with an incompatible zodiac sign.

But these are far from the only dealbreakers singles have. In’s previous survey in 2020, other dealbreakers included:

  • Differing political views
  • Bad pick-up lines
  • Living with your parents
  • Smoking
  • Racism 

Source:Yahoo Finance

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