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Father's Day Present No-No's

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Alright, Father's Day is Sunday. Two days left to get Pop's something. Actually 2.5 if you go Sunday morning before you hang out with him. I hope you didn't get him another tie or another picture of the two of you. That's my go-to. There were a few years where I didn't know what to get my father so I just repackaged an old photo of us when I was a kid. LOL. I only did it like 2ce, ok!

Anyway, these are some absolute horrible gift ideas for Dad on Sunday (unless you don't like your dad, in that case go for it!)

  • Retirement Home Doormat. Well, on second thought...that's kinda funny
  • The book "52 Things Kid Needs from Dad". Ok that's sweet, but I'd never read it LOL
  • "Best Dad in the World T-Shirt" Too cliché but a good gag gift.
  • The BEER BELLY. This one I don't agree with either. It's like a satchel that goes under your clothes and you can smuggle beer into games and concerts. I know about 5 people off the top of my head that would LOVE that!
  • "The BBQ Big Boy." Just GOOGLE IT...but not when the kids are around.
  • A laser cut clear paperweight. You know its like a Hallmark crystal thing with a picture of the two of you. Yeah no, hard pass.

This is from COSMO and its from like 7 years ago, but most of these still apply!


Kids surprising their father with a gift for Father's Day

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