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Reunited After 56 Years!

Another long lost family reunion!

Marlys became pregnant in the 60's, she was 16 and the father was overseas in the military. Marlys made the decision to give her daughter up for adoption because she wanted her child to have a good life with both parents, a mom and a dad.

After all these years, the two have finally been reunited.

Diana Brown got an membership for her birthday this year from her husband . She connected with Marlys back in March and finally met in person!

“I had a tough decision to make,” she said. “I was still living at home and I knew it would really burden my parents who were older. But I also wanted her to have a mother and a father. I didn’t even let the father know. He was in the service and he never contacted me after he went back.”

So she got help from Lutheran Social Services to find a new family for her daughter.

“I’ve always wondered where she is, where she was and how she was doing. I would’ve given anything to find her, but I didn’t feel that was right of me since I let her be adopted at birth".

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Source: KELOLand

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