LAPD Will No Longer Send Armed Officers To These 911 Calls

I think this is a great step in the right direction to ending senseless killings in our community. The Los Angeles Police Department just released a list of calls for service that can be handled by first responders that will not be armed.

Check out the list below, provided by KTLA:

1. Non-criminal and/or non-violent homeless and quality of life-related calls;

2. Non-criminal mental health calls;

3. Non-violent juvenile disturbance or juveniles beyond parental control calls; (won’t go to school);

4. Calls to schools unless the school administration is initiating a call for an emergency police response or making a mandatory reporting notification;

5. Public Health Order violations;

6. Non-violent calls for service at City parks;

7. Under the influence calls (alcohol and/or drugs) where there is no other crime in progress;

8. Welfare Check – WELCK;

• Non-Criminal;

• Courtesy request from Drs/Hospitals;

9. Non-Fatal Vehicle Accidents – 1181/1182/1183/1179;

• Non-DUI/Non-Criminal; Property damage only (including City property), Verbal disputes involving non-injury traffic collisions, refusing to share ID at traffic collisions;

10. Parking violations;

11. Driveway tow;

12. Abandoned vehicles;

13. Person dumping trash;

14. Vicious and dangerous dog complaints where no attack is in progress;

15. Calls for service for loud noise, loud music, or ‘party’ calls that are anonymous or have no victim;

16. Landlord/Tenant Disputes;

17. Loitering/Trespassing With No Indication Of Danger;

18. Code 30 Alarm Response (except 211 silent alarm);

19. Syringe Disposal;

20. DOT Stand-By;

21. Homeless Encampment Clean-Ups, unless officers are requested or prescheduled;

22. Panhandling;

23. Illegal Vending;

24. Illegal Gambling;

25. Fireworks;

26. Defecating/Urinating In Public;

27. Drinking in Public;

28. Suspicious circs-possible dead body, where no indication of foul play

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