International Travel Restrictions Upped to 80% of The World

Now maybe you haven't heard about it yet but there's apparently a Global pandemic going on? I know, the news is shocking but it's true. With that said, traveling Internationally at this time is not a good idea. Things have gotten so bad all over the World that the United States has upped the amount of Countries that you should not travel to. There are far too many of them to mention here but the percentage of Countries you cannot travel too is up to 80% now.

In comparison, the Earth is 71% covered by water. So if you were planning on traveling I would suggest taking a vacation to the ocean. Not an ocean front/beach vacation. The actual ocean.

If you haven't figured it out yet, the whole first part of this post is a joke. Now, in all seriousness, who's planning International trips at this point? Anyone? I mean, outside of the military, who don't really have a choice where they're sent. For real, is anyone planning vacations to other Countries? There are still pretty strict restrictions on pretty much everything but hey, let's plan a trip to Italy!

Anyway, if you want to read an actual article on the travel restrictions you can CLICK HERE