Happy 47th Birthday Dan Bruno

Happy 47th birthday Dan Bruno!

If you spend any time here on my blog, you'll notice from time to time that I write something about a man named Dan. We lost Dan on December 30th 2018 at only 45 years old. The loss of this soul blasted a huge hole in the hearts of many in the Capital Region. It seems like anywhere you go in the area someone knew Danny. Everyone that came into contact with him was blessed with his infectious smile and laugh. He was the life of any and every party and wanted everyone near him to enjoy themselves as much as he did.

Why am I writing about Dan today? Today is the day that he was brought into the World. It would have been his 47th birthday. A year ago today, myself, along with a giant group of people that loved him the most were at Yankee Stadium to watch his beloved Red Sox battle The Yankees. It was a trip that none of us will ever forget but also a trip that all of us wish we didn't have to make. That trip to the Bronx seems so foreign today considering the situation that we are all in with the pandemic occupying our minds most days.

I read something on his daughters Facebook today that made a lot of sense. She said "it was almost like your short time on Earth was to teach everyone how to be better humans". When she wrote that, I don't think she knew how much that would hit home for some of us that read it. Maybe his life was a lesson for the rest of us? Maybe he was put here to show everyone how to enjoy life, how to embrace everyday and to make the most of it? Maybe he was here to tell us to smile more, to love harder. To simply bring us all together and enjoy "the party".

You are missed by so many Danny. All of us consider ourselves lucky to have known you. Please continue to watch over Beck and the girls. Finally, from me to you, thank you for bringing together some of the greatest humans that I know. The "prop Dads" miss you every day my brother. I hope you are somewhere enjoying a cooler full of Coors Lights with your Mom and smiling down on us all.

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