There's A New Strain Of Swine Flu - Ohh Goodie

Some more great news for 2020, scientists say that there is a new strain of swine flu that could cause a "global outbreak". This new version of swine flu has been found in China and experts say that while it is carried by pigs it can infect humans. They're afraid that if the flu matures more then it will be easily spread from human to human.

For now this doesn't seem to be a problem but does have all the makings to infect humans and will need to be monitored closely. So while we try to put an end to the current pandemic that we're facing there could be another one on the horizon. The last time there was a swine flu pandemic was back in 2009 and was not nearly as bad as experts thought it would be.

Again, they are saying that this isn't an immediate threat but we should be aware of it and "not let our guard down" when it comes to this or any other flu.

On a side note, I've pretty much given up on 2020 in general. Remember when the year started how hopeful everyone was about the upcoming year? Now look where we are. One things for sure, it's been quite a memorable year.

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