A Russian Monk Thinks That COVID-19 Is A Cover Up For What?

There is a monk in Russia that believes that the whole COVID-19 pandemic is a total hoax. His name is Father Sergiy and he has come out to let anyone that will listen know that Coronavirus is totally made up.

Let's go with the short version of this story. Father Sergiy has openly told his "followers" to ignore the lock down orders and basically go about their business as if nothing was going on with the virus. He also believes that the vaccines that are being developed are going to be used as a means to control people all over the globe. Father Sergiy will be facing the Russian Orthodox Church board and they will decide his faith. Oh, Father Sergiy has not stopped practicing his teachings and said that the Russian government will have to seize his monastery by force.

So let's sum this all up, shall we? Father Sergiy has concluded that the ENTIRE World has gotten together and came up with a fake pandemic. To take it a step further, he also thinks that the ENTIRE World has come up with a scheme to control the minds of every human on the planet. Okay, maybe not all humans but a major portion of them. Do you have any idea how nearly impossible it would be to get World leaders to agree on anything let alone something like this?

It's clear that some people are buying into what Father Sergiy is selling but to me this man sounds like he's off his rocker. Then again, what do I know? Maybe this guy is right but something in me says that he's just a tad off base.

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