Who I Feel Bad For During This Quarantine

There are certain people that I feel bad for during this strange time in our World. There are also people that I don't feel bad for. We aren't going to talk about the people that I don't feel bad for because in reality they're struggling with being home only because it's an inconvenience.

I choose to focus on the people that I do feel bad for. I want to include everyone on the front lines of this whole pandemic, not that I "feel bad" for them but because they are putting themselves in harms way to make sure the rest of us can stay healthy or get the treatment that we may need. Everything that you are all doing is appreciated and I want to say THANK YOU!

I feel for the kids who are in their Senior year of school. Whether it's high school or college, these were supposed to be days that you would remember for the rest of your lives. Oh sure, you will remember them but these aren't the memories that you were supposed to have. You had plans for Senior Prom, you were set to walk across the stage and receive your diploma. You were supposed to enjoy your remaining days in school with your classmates/friends and teachers/professors. Those were the memories that you should have had.

I feel bad for anyone that was planning on getting married during these next couple weeks/months. All the time you've spent planning to make your day special. What now? Are you able to reschedule the day? What if the date held a special place in your heart? Are you able to plan for the following year? Do you have to simply get married by a Justice of The Peace? What about people who, unfortunately, had to plan a funeral during this time? What do they do? Are you able to give a proper goodbye to your loved one that has passed away?

I finally, any kid that is going through this. Home schooling, not seeing your friends. Not enjoying the days that are considered the "best times of your lives". All of their other activities are put on hold. Sports, cheer leading, dance and any other past time that they enjoy. It's all on hold and this is time that they will never get back. Things that they all enjoy and now they can't. Look, I know we're all dealing with not being able to do stuff but the memories that our kids are missing out on breaks my heart. We all got to enjoy that time as kids but these kids won't.

Keep in mind, that these are my opinions and my feelings. You don't have to agree with what I've said or maybe you do. Either way is fine with me.

Stay home, stay healthy and stay safe.

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