Meet Cliff & Katie, they don't have to be adopted together...but........

Meet Cliff & Katie, they don't have to be adopted together...but........Cliff just adores her and she would miss him, but you know.....up to you....

Katie loves to play. All day. She’s not a nap by the fireside girl while you quietly knit a sweater. She’d rather unravel the knitting and pounce the ball of yarn while she darts about the house. Adopters should know this about Katie; she’s a very busy bee and needs a home that will not only cater to her toy obsession but that will provide her with another feline companion to help run out her energy.

If you already have a cat that’s seeking a playmate, fantastic! But if you don’t, POA will suggest a pairing, like a sommelier suggesting a wine to complement your meal. Katie’s BFF at the shelter is Cliff. He not only tolerates her constant banter – he enjoys it.

If a lifetime of busy feline activity sounds enticing, come meet Katie (and maybe Cliff, too). She promises to provide the entertainment if you provide the toys.

To find out more about Katie, a fun loving one year old, please contact

Five year old Cliff is a shelter favorite. He is a big lug who likes to gallop after the laser light, nap in the corner cat tree, and lean against you for some quality petting. All that, and with the eyes of a poet. This boy will absolutely steal your heart.

And his story may break it.

Cliff was found outside as a stray. He was clearly someone's cat once, but was living rough and trying to survive. He came in with an upper respiratory infection, a groin abscess and skin infections. These were successfully treated and Cliff began to look quite handsome.

And then he began to have seizures. Really? How does one big lug have this much hard luck? We don't know. The cause of the seizures is unknown but they are currently controlled by daily medication.

Cliff refuses to let any of this get him down. He loves to play and has made friends with all the volunteers and a few of the other cats. His best friend is little Katie, if you were considering adopting two. They chase one another around the shelter every day. Cliff is a sweet soul and we would love for him to find a home. If you want to find out more about Cliff, please contact

Cliff is FIV positive, but that does not mean he cannot live a long and happy life. Ask us for more information.

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