You know kids are always doing these "challenges" online. Usually to impress their friends or get likes and guess what, many of them are actually life-threatening! 

The cinnamon challenge was a big one for a while, sticking you finger in an outlet (I just don't get it), and so many more.

The latest "challenge" is the detergent pod challenge. People are literally biting into a pod! This is extremely dangerous and can be fatal!

 Hopefully your child isn't partaking - but it's always good to know whats up in their little world. UGH!

Take initiative on this one, talk to them about the dangers of these challenges and keep your family safe!

Concern over 'Tide pod challenge'

SAFETY ALERT: Valley doctors are growing concerned about the latest social media "challenge" of teens consuming laundry detergent pods. STORY:

Posted by ABC15 Arizona on Tuesday, January 9, 2018