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Connecticut is the only state in America with a LAME #1 junk food

This data is from Google Trends. How are we the only state with something remotely healthy as our "favorite" junk food??????

Photo: Getty Images

Alabama: Butterfinger

Alaska: Fruit Roll-Ups

Arizona: Sour Patch Kids

Arkansas: Doritos

California: Sour Patch Kids

Colorado: Gummy Bears

Connecticut: Granola Bar

Delaware: Sour Patch Kids

District of Columbia: Starburst

Florida: Nerds

Georgia: Milk Duds

Hawaii: Gummy Bears

Idaho: Skittles

Illinois: Pringles

Indiana: Pringles

Iowa: Oreos

Kansas: Cheez-It

Kentucky: Butterfinger

Louisiana: Fruit Roll-Ups

Maine: Animal Crackers

Maryland: Sour Patch Kids

Massachusetts: Sour Patch Kids

Michigan: Sour Patch Kids

Minnesota: Starburst

Mississippi: Ruffles

Missouri: Animal Crackers

Montana: Pringles

Nebraska: Skittles

Nevada: Kit Kat

New Hampshire: Milky Way

New Jersey: Chips Ahoy!

New Mexico: Beef Jerky

New York: Kit Kat

North Carolina: Sour Patch Kids

North Dakota: Twizzlers

Ohio: Reese's

Oklahoma: Cheez-It

Oregon: Kit Kat

Pennsylvania: Swedish Fish

Rhode Island: Animal Crackers

South Carolina: Nerds

South Dakota: Baby Ruth

Tennessee: Butterfinger

Texas: Funyuns

Utah: Pringles

Vermont: Animal Crackers

Virginia: Nerds, Kit Kat

Washington: Kit Kat

West Virginia: Animal Cracker

Wisconsin: M&Ms

Wyoming: Twinkie

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