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All this talk about moving Halloween is driving me crazy.


There's been a lot of talk over the last week over moving Halloween to the last Saturday of the month; to get it off October 31st, for various different reasons.

For the record - and this is my opinion, and my opinion only, I'm not even 1% in favor of this idea. 

It's time for us, as adults, to stop babying the future generations of our country. As a millennial myself, I've seen many of my peers fall victim in the real world because they were raised without consequence, without someone disciplining them; without the desire to succeed because nobody held them accountable their entire childhood.

Growing up, we all went out on Halloween regardless of whether it was raining, snowing (one year where I grew up in Massachusetts), or 75 degrees.

One of the reasons I've heard for this change are so that "kids aren't out too late on a school night" -- when I grew up in the 90's, my parents made me go to bed on Halloween after trick-or-treating at the normal time. It gets dark around 6pm on Halloween. You can still do your trick-or-treating, enjoy some of the candy, and be in bed by 8pm. This isn't that hard of a concept.... and you know what, it's the perfect time to teach your children to go to sleep early despite going out, and holding them accountable for doing so. 

Let's not mess with tradition. I'm 100% for safety, and the safety of our children and communities... if our local malls, shopping centers... maybe even us here at the radio station, etc. want to do trick-or-treating on alternative nights for parents and kids that can't go on Halloween... I'm all for it. Those sound like great events.

But to force towns and people all over our state and country to celebrate a holiday on a different day.... just isn't right.

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