Halsey Transforms Into A Monster For New SUGA Collab 'Lilith'

Photo: Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Halsey and SUGA of BTS' dramatic new collaboration has arrived! On Monday, June 5th, their song "Lilith (Diablo IV Anthem)"— which fans first heard on their 2021 album If I Can't Have Love I Want Power— hit streaming platforms and came complete with an equally theatrical music video. Halsey sings the bulk of the track's tortured, and updated, lyrics starting off strong with, "Well, I'm perfection when it comes to indiscretion/ Might fuck around and just succumb to my/ Aggression/ I taste blood and it’s turned to an obsession."

SUGA takes the bridge singing, "I know you get too caught up in a moment/ You can't call it love if you show it/ We just f— things up, yeah, I noticed."

The video, directed by Henry Hobson, was shot in several locations including inside Chapelle des Jésuites (Jesuits' Chapel) in Cambrai, France, where Blizzard Entertainment had filled the ceiling with paintings and a 160-foot mural inspired by the game. “I’m thrilled that I got to collab with SUGA of BTS on a reimagined version of “Lilith” for the Diablo IV anthem! Having spent countless hours in Sanctuary with my family, I'm here as both a fan and a collaborator,” Halsey said in a press release. "Plus, I’ve always wanted to do a concept with SUGA with this type of dark mythology. Hopefully, fans of Diablo, SUGA, and myself will love Lilith’s embrace.” 

Shortly before news of their collaboration for Diablo IV broke, SUGA brought out Halsey as a special guest on his 'Suga Agust D' world tour. The two performed one song together, giving their 2020 collaboration "Suga's Interlude," off Halsey's third album Manic, its live debut with both artists.

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