BAD SANTA!!! Santa Tells Kid "DROP DEAD"

Photo: Getty Images

OK Santa DIDN'T ACTUALLY SAY "DROP DEAD" to the little boy...but he might as well have! All the little boy wanted was a NERF GUN for Christmas. Santa flat out said "NO. I'm not bringing you a nerf gun. Your dad can buy that for you but I'm not..." Little boy BURST INTO TEARS and had to be consoled by his mom!

NOW...let me be 1000% crystal clear. I completely get it. Santa did not want to promote violence with a toy gun. Absolutely understand and don't disagree. HOWEVER, he couldn't been a teeeeeny tiny more word sensitive with the little kid. Maybe say "I'll see what I can do" or "I'll try" instead of a flat out and quite frankly, a kind of RUDE "NO". I mean, he's a kid for Christ's sake! You don't have to be such a Grinch!!!

Well that particular mall Santa was relieved of his mall duties and the little boy was brought a Nerf Gun from ANOTHER Santa who wasn't such a Scrooge!

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