To Anyone Struggling Through Quarantine... You Are Not Alone

6am has become my usual bedtime. I've gotten into the routine of looking out my window around 5:30am to see what kind of magical tie dye the sky will turn into as the sun begins to rise and the day begins to start. I've always wanted a job where I could work from home, and working in radio, I never thought that would be a possibility. But here we are in 2020, and I've been doing radio from my bedroom for the past F I V E months (wow!) and I am learning that I may not be so cut out for broadcasting quite literally at the foot of my bed.

Quarantine has taught me a few things about myself, and from the conversations I've been having with friends, I am noticing I am not alone. If your mind has been wandering to some strange places and your mood has been ALL over the place, just know that you aren't alone, either.

The world is strange right now. It's like we are at one of the biggest crossroads of our lifetime and we all collectively have to choose which path we want to go down next. That is not an easy task, and the weight of it is weighing on everyone. Whether you are a social person trying to navigate the solitude that is working from home, or a parent juggling the new task of teacher's aid along all of your other responsibilities, maybe a business owner with absolutely zero semblance of what you or your staff's futures may hold... you've got this. You are resilient and strong, and most importantly NOT ALONE. Know that your hard work is not going unnoticed, and that there are people in your corner waiting on you to succeed. Success is being redefined. Success can be as simple as putting on "real" clothes for the day, instead of the sweats you've worn for the past three. Finding time to take a bath or read a book. Calling a family member just to catch up. Remember to make time for these things for yourself, you deserve it.

We have all of this time to look inward. To question almost everything we once thought to be normal, mundane pieces of everyday life. So many question marks can leave your brain working on overdrive, I know it has for mine. Talk it out. Talk to friends, family members, therapists... Don't let the mental gymnastics of trying to find answers where there may be none tire you out, and most importantly, know that there are so many resources to help you through it.

Move your body, go on walks, get outside. I've been taking sunrise walks when the city is absolutely still and quiet and it gives me a chance to sort through my thoughts peacefully, but also with the distraction of the city around me. It is probably one of my new favorite activities, and I have a new appreciation for living in such a walkable city.

But know that it is okay to REST. If your body changes, let it. I used to be so conscious of every single day that went by that I DIDN'T work out, and quarantine has been a much needed reset. It has put into focus the things in life that truly make me happy, things I do because it feeds my soul rather than feeding into something I "should" be doing. If at-home workouts or going for runs aren't your thing, don't force it. There is literally no person watching over you and grading you on the amount of workouts you've accomplished or meals you've cooked, so do what feels right for you.

Know that this journey is one we are making collectively. There is no right way to go, right path to take. But know that whatever your journey looks like, you are trying your best... and that is enough.