Wife hits husband with frying pan after he won't do dishes, facing charges

Photo: Getty Images

This story is pretty wild from Decatur, Illinois. The fact that it was a DIRTY pan and not a clean one makes it even worse than it already is!

A 47 year old woman is facing a domestic battery charge after she beat her husband with a frying pan when he wouldn't do the dishes. The Herald-Review newspaper says that the 47 year old woman was arrested on Sunday morning around 5am after the pair argued about who was cleaning what parts of the house.

After the husband "told her he wasn't going to wash the dishes or clean the house", the woman "threw water on him and hit him in the middle of his forehead with a dirty pan".

The man suffered a one-inch long laceration as well as pain and swelling, but he'll be okay. The woman, who wasn't identified, was released after posting $300 bond.

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