SURVEY SAYS: Women Spend One Month a Year WORRYING!

New surveys come out AAAAALLLLL the time! I think I'm gonna start a new segment on my show called "SURVEY SAYS" and talk about a new survey every night.

Tonight's new survey details how women spend about two and a half hours a day just worrying! That equals about one solid month a year which begs the question...would you sacrifice one month of your life to "worrying" to have eleven months absolutely WORRY FREE?

A new survey finds:

  • Women spend an average of two and a half hours a day worrying.
  • That translates to about a full month of worrying each year.
  • That’s much more than men, who worry just an hour and a half each day.
  • 10% of men say they spend no time at all worrying.
  • 64% of women say they have periods in their life where they feel constantly worried.
  • As for the things they worry most about:
    • What's going on in the world at the moment
    • Not getting enough sleep
    • Financial worries
    • Putting on weight
    • A relative or friend's bad health
    • Getting older
    • Family safety
    • Your appearance
    • Being late or running out of time to do something
    • Work 

But even with all this worrying, the one thing many aren’t worrying about is their health.

  • 57% of women say all this worry leads to them neglecting their own health.
  • 72% have actually not paid attention to their health symptoms, blaming them on stress and tiredness.

Source: SWNS Digital

PHOTO: Getty Images

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