People are Hiding in their CARS During Quarantine LOL

A woman driving her vehicle wearing latex gloves and a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo: Getty Images

Have you been hiding in your car during quarantine? You're not alone! Check it out, almost 80% of people surveyed said they feel safe in their car and about three quarters of them have gone to hide in their cars for a mental health escape from corona stress! Some people like to take a little drive to clear their head and some are even just sitting in their driveway or garage for a little while listening to music or audio books!

·80% of Americans say they feel safe in their cars right now vs. any other types of transportation

·75% say they used their car as a mental health escape during quarantine

·30% took a mini-break by driving around the neighborhood, while 24% took long drives to clear their head and 16% just sat in their car and listened to music or an audiobook

·Source: Yahoo

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