103 year old woman in the 413 beats coronavirus, pounds beer to celebrate

From our sister station WBZ News Radio 1030 in Boston...

WILBRAHAM, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Just after her family said what they thought were final goodbyes, 103 year-old Jenny Stejna woke up healthy after a battle with COVID-19.

To celebrate, staff at Life Care Center in Wilbraham gave Stejna one of her favorite drinks, an ice-cold Bud Light beer. Stejna said, "ah, that's cold!" after taking a sip.

Stejna's grandson, Dave, said she kicked all the nurses out of the room after her recovery because they were "annoying her."

"If you knew her, you wouldn't be surprised," Dave said. "She is a firecracker, she has always called things as she's seen them, she does not mince words, her nickname has already been 'the general' or 'the sheriff.'"

Stejna is a big fan of the Red Sox and said she cannot wait to watch them play on television.

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