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Premiere Of YouTube Originals' "Justin Bieber: Seasons" - Arrivals


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Justin Bieber and Hailey are giving fans a look at their life in quarantine. The pair launched a new reality series, “The Biebers on Watch,” exclusively on Facebook Watch yesterday.

The 12-episode series, shot using GoPro cameras positioned around the Biebers’ home near Toronto, promises an “intimate look” into the couple’s lives under lockdown, and will be available weekly on Facebook Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with one episode airing Fridays on Facebook Live.

Yesterday’s episode had the couple taking a boat ride and discussing the difficulties of married life. “There’s a lot of things I need to work on,” Justin shares when Hailey asks what’s the hardest thing about being married, “forgiveness things, jealousy things, insecurities [that] I didn’t even realize I had until I chose to spend my life with you.”Check out the episode to the right.



DJ Khaled can appreciate a good twerk session like anyone else. But when a woman tried to show her skills to him on Instagram Live, he turned her down as a sign of loyalty to his wife,Nicole Tuck. 

The producer was broadcasting online when he invited a woman to join him for a one-on-one chat. Unfortunately, she wasn’t exactly looking to talk. The unidentified woman began twerking in front of her camera and telling him that she needed water.

“Oh [ish], no no don’t do that,” Khaled pleaded as he shielded his eyes while she poured water onto her hind parts. “I got love and everything I’m saying like, I got a family and everything … talk to me normal, talk to me normal, don’t do that!” 

Khaled recorded a clip of the woman and posted it with a caption begging his fans to be respectful of him as a married man. You can see it HERE.

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