West Hartford pediatric office starts "Project Shut Up And Dance"

Shoutout to Kari and her team at PM Pediatrics in West Hartford that got together a ton of their different offices around the country to do the "Shut Up And Dance" video challenge. Way to spread the love in this crazy time y'all.

Here's the description from the video:

Project "Shut Up & Dance" (your way through Covid-19) is complete🙂. Brought to you by the coolest ever members of the PM Pediatrics team....from Alaska and LA to our many sites on the East Coast. Whatever kind of day you're having, we hope this makes it 1,000 times better!

Special thank you toMichael Gowdyfor hours spent helping me edit! And shout out to everyone in this video who tried something new, and loved it.

Photo credit: Getty Images (unrelat


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