TikTok User Licks Toilet Seat for Coronavirus Challenge

This is what I hate about the internet.

A tiktok user posted a video completing the #coronaviruschallenge where people literally lick toilet seats, and other random objects (like door handles, grocery carts, etc), and see if they get the coronavirus. You've literally got to be kidding me....

Shockingly (NOT) this specific California based user ended up in the hospital and now the photos have gone viral.

I would just like to say 1. how stupid this is, and 2. how disrespectful this is to all of the healthcare professionals and first responders who are risking themselves to keep all of us safe during these very crazy and worrying times. People are literally dying from this virus and the fact that these individuals think it's a joke, or good social media content, are absolutely deplorable.

Am I alone on this one? What do you guys think? Hit me up on twitter @RealSavannahG

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