New Mexico Woman Steals Car, Claims She's Beyonce

Just when you think people can't get any crazier...they do.

48-year-old Surena Henry of New Mexico is facing charges for allegedly stealing a car, but that's not the crazy part. When police spotted Henry driving a car that matched the description of the vehicle reported stolen, she told the officers she was Beyonce.

Yah. Beyonce. Like Queen B.


Officers attempted to pull Henry over, which she ignored, but eventually parked outside of her home where she was apprehended.

Police on the scene reported Henry as saying she found the keys in the car and wanted to take it for a ride. When asked why she didn't pull over she expressed that she had saw the officers' lights behind her, but didn't really feel like pulling over.

According to HuffPost Henry is facing charges for unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, concealing identity and resisting or obstructing arrest.

Click HERE to see Henry's mugshot.

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Photos courtesy of Getty Images

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