Neighbors Welcome Girl Home with "Parade" After Her Final Chemo Treatment

This one is definitely a tear jerker ya'll.

Coco, the daughter of Scream actor Matthew Willard, was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma, a tumor that grows in the bones or in the bodys soft tissue (like tendons and ligaments); it's the second most common bone cancer among children.

This past Tuesday Coco finished her LAST chemo treatment and her neighbors did something pretty phenomenal to celebrate. In spite of the coronavirus, and keeping in mind chemotherapy compromises the immune system in addition to general social distancing, her neighbors got together and threw her a parade! As Coco came down her street after finally finishing chemo, neighbors were lined up in their cars cheering, holding up signs and blasting "Fight Song" out of their windows.

Coco's story warms my heart like I can't even tell you! This truly shows that even in hard times, it's so important for people to come together and support each other - like Cocos neighbors! I guarantee that this is a moment Coco will remember for her entire life! Show some love for Coco and her amazing neighbors - and keep her and her family in your thoughts. May she be, and remain, cancer free and live a long and healthy life!

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Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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