Jimmy Fallon Launches "Cowbell Challenge" Friday at 3pm!

Jimmy Fallon is known for bringing smiles to people's faces and he's doing it again in light of the current coronavirus pandemic. The Tonight Show host, who has also been working from home amidst growing COVID-19 concerns, recently launched a new challenge to spread hope called, the cowbell challenge.

Fallon is asking everyone, everywhere at 3pm EST Friday, to open their windows, go outside, get on your balconies and make LOTS of noise to support first responders and bring good vibes and a little light heartedness to the current situation.

This morning on the Today Show, Fallon spoke about doing the Tonight Show from home and also told Americans to grab pots, pans, cowbells, anything that makes noise and show some love and support, and have a good time doing it!

Are you going to participate in the challenge?

Hit me up on twitter and instagram with your videos participating in the challenge, @RealSavannahG !

Photos courtesy of Getty Images.

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