Harry Styles Robbed on Valentine's Day??? #Hollywood

Harry Robbed on Valentine's Day

This isn't very loving! Robbing someone one Valentines Day! Harry Styles got robbed at knife-point last Friday night.

The Full Story:

It sounds like Harry Styles had a bit of a scary Valentine’s Day. According to reports the singer was mugged at knifepoint North London at about 11:50 pm on Friday.

“A man in his 20s was approached by another man [who] threatened him with a knife,” a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Service shares. “The victim was not injured. However, cash was taken from him.” 

So far an investigation is under way and no arrests have been made. Harry is said to be “okay,” and even stepped out last night to perform at the Brit Awards.

Source:Us Weekly


How scary was that crash Monday night during the Daytona 500 with NASCAR's Ryan Newman. He's on a good road to recovery. He posted a picture with his daughters in the hospital and in the picture he's standing up and smiling! AND HE WAS RELEASED FROM THE HOSPITAL a little earlier today! GREAT NEWS!

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