OPINION: Losing your mind about Peloton commercial hurts nobody but you

It isn't often that I take the time to write on this blog because I simply don't have the time. But after seeing the backlash about this Peloton bike commercial, I've gotta write some words.

It may not be a good commercial. It may be a good commercial. But everyone's talking about it, so it's probably a win for the brand.

What is pointless it the uproar over this commercial. If you don't like the commercial, don't watch it. If you like the commercial, buy the damn bike.

But the uproar I've seen on social media about this over the past day and a half has blown my mind. It's the holiday season. People just had Thanksgiving, where we give thanks for our family and friends. Christmas is coming up and so is the end of the decade and the beginning of the 2020s.

And we're fighting on the internet over a commercial about a bike.

Make it your new year's resolution in 2020 to look at the big picture. To realize what matters. That bike commercial doesn't matter. Complaining on the internet about a stupid commercial isn't going to improve your life.

Take the time you'd complain and better yourself. Learn a new skill, go to the gym, feel good about yourself. Our culture would be a hell of a lot more productive if we all controlled what we can control.

Don't let things that matter 0.0000000000000001% to your life mean any more than that. This ish ain't hard, fam.

Thanks for listening.

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