I LOVE PRO-WRESTLING! Oh wait...wait...wait...we're supposed to call it "Sports Entertainment". Anyway, I love pro-wrestling. I've been to a couple WWE "Pay Per Views" in my life. I was at Summer Slam 2002 on Long Island when Shawn Michaels faced off against Triple H in a grudge match. I was also at BACKLASH 2000 when The Rock beat Triple H for the title with help from STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN...THAT was an amazing show! But I had never been to a #Wrestlemania until last night!


I had a blast! I mean yeah i was up in the rafters and I watched 90% of the show on the big screen to my left because I was so far away but that didn't bother me because I was at WRESTLEMANIA! It IS an experience. It IS a spectacle. It IS a lot of fun!! Check out more on my Instagram story @



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