Man creates a prenup including a WEIGHT LOSS clause after giving birth

I'm all in favor of prenups even for normal people that aren't celebrities.... but this post from Reddit is absolutely wild:

My fiance is a neurosurgeon and has been wonderfully successful in his field, so when he asked me for a prenup I wasn't too surprised and I am all for them actually. So I did the standard procedure and sat down with my fiance's father, whom is a lawyer, and he helped break it all down for me.

My fiance put a few odd clauses in our prenup, such as an infidelity clause so if I cheat on him, I walk away with basically nothing . Along with that, he put in a clause that stated that I have to lose any weight I gain after child birth, at least 30lbs of it in the first year following childbirth; the oddest of them all to me is the compensation for children clause. I am not sure if I interpreted this correctly so anyone may correct me, but in the prenup my fiance mentioned that for every child I have for him, I get a chunk of money., which to me doesn't sound legal but maybe it is?

My main question is are all these clauses enforceable in court? What makes any of them invalid? I haven't signed yet and would like to get insight from someone other than my future father in law as I feel he may mislead me if his son were to benefit from it

I'm not gonna lie, I'm good with the cheating clause - but the weight clause? Bro. Come on.

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