Single Men Smell Bad ... & Women Love it. Here's Why ...

Pheromones y'all!

HERE is the article explaining it all ...

Here's yet another reason why it's rough being a single woman: Single men STINK. And not metaphorically. They literally smell terrible. But evolution has trained you to think that's a GOOD thing.

A new study out of Australia found that single men naturally smell worse than men who are in relationships.

And it's not because single men have worse hygiene. I mean, they probably DO, but that's not the reason. It's because single men produce more testosterone, which leads to a nastier body odor.

But it's not holding them back from dating. The women in the study smelled a bunch of single men's shirts and married men's shirts . . . and even though the married men's smelled better, the women were more attracted to the single men's.

The researchers say this shows women have evolved a way to "sniff out" single men . . . so they're not wasting their time on someone who's unavailable. 

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